Speech Recognition Technology

The past decade has witnessed an unprecedented development of the communications industry. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems are no longer limited to medical transcription or legal dictation. Improved adaptability and accuracy in ASR are all factors that are helping to drive the growth. Speech recognition is beginning to grow not only on mobile phones, but in automobiles, for controlling TV, playing games, providing better customer service and more. The result is a combination of improving wireless connectivity, growth in the use of smartphones, lower cost of computing power and a steady improvement in the underlying core speech technology.

AVRS Patented Technology

Speech recognition technology, which provides for the conversion of speech into written text, is the threshold feature of our patented technology. Our patent portfolio is focused on improving speech recognition by increasing conversion precision, improving productivity and profitability by enabling the user to utilize the written text produced by speech recognition technology in multiple applications specific to the user's business purposes and goals. Through our patented Enterprise technology we hope to provide exceptional ease of use, security, scalability, centralized system administration, and flexible and efficient communications. Speech recognition services on mobile phones, such as speaking search terms, voicemail to text transcription and voice based email is just one aspect of AVRS's patented Enterprise technology. AVRS's fourth patent is designed to facilitate speech recognition services in the cloud. A cloud based platform offers an easy, cost-effective way to tap the potential of speech recognition technology.

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